‘Dr Finkelstein brings limitless empathy, compassion and skill to bear in counselling patients who confront the prospect of death. She listens carefully, responds with wisdom, and knows what she is talking about. Her abilities owe much to an intensive understanding of the psychological demands such patients face, but they are enlarged by her studies in the realm of near-death experience, which give her a holistic framework with which she can locate her advice and support. She has thought deeply about our place in the Universe and has established a conceptual model of our mortality that is both intriguing and comforting. Most important of all, though, is her luminous intelligence and enduring good humour. I have worked in various guises with Elaine and have valued the interactions enormously. When the time comes for me to face death, I should like her by my side.’ (Martin Brassey; Senior Counsel, Visiting Professor of Law, Acting Judge, Author of four legal textbooks and over 200 published legal articles)

‘It is with great confidence that I refer families to Dr Elaine Finkelstein as they enter into their end of life process. The level of expert care and connection is a profound comfort to families facing this inevitability. In addition, my own family has been able to better understand the “exceptional human experiences” that we have known and felt. It is a comfort to hear that research and on-going documentation reveals that we are more than just this one aspect of being. Meeting and working with Dr Elaine Finkelstein has been one of the most delightful experiences of my Life Journey.’ (Joy Truscott; MSW Social Work, University of Denver, USA)

‘Elaine counselled my mom in the last year of her life. She helped to prepare her for letting go, and was the only comfort my mom found, in dealing with her fear of the difficult process involved when dying of Motor Neurone Disease. In very dark times, Elaine was a shining light providing insight and perspective, drawing from her vast experience in assisting others to accept and cope with a terminal illness. Elaine guided my sister and I on our own path of grief while my mom was still alive. She helped us to see the importance of expressing that grief in front of our mom as a way of showing her how much we loved her. At the same time, she emphasized the importance of letting her go and supporting her on her journey. My dad struggled to verbalise his feelings along the way, and Elaine was an amazing sounding board helping him to find his own way of coping with grief. Her kindness and professionalism throughout this very painful journey helped us as a family to remain close and surround my mom with love until the end. Elaine gave my mom wings when she needed to fly.’ (Kirsty)

‘Elaine spent time with my terminally ill wife, as well as with myself and our two children. I know that the time Elaine spent with my wife was invaluable to her. During their time together, Elaine assisted my wife with coping skills for facing the end-of-life and, essentially, gave her total peace of mind. As a result, my wife was fully prepared to face the end of her life, as was the family. Elaine spent time with myself and our children preparing us and creating an awareness to help family members cope better. Elaine kept things simple and uncomplicated, and was always absolutely honest with us. She would also guide us in contemplating what worked best for each of us throughout. In addition, Elaine helped me to know that, during some difficult moments, what I was thinking or feeling was understandable, was okay. This was important to me as there were times when I was unsure. Thank you, Elaine.’ (Bereaved widower)

‘Elaine has an incredibly reassuring presence. Her manner of delivery is so warm and embracing that she inspires true confidence and trust. Through her wealth of knowledge and brilliant instincts, she cuts through the issues at hand, extracting the fundamental kernels ….which leads to the relevant work to be done. Thank you, Elaine, I can truly say your work has changed my life.’ (Female; CNL artist and environmentalist)

‘Elaine’s contribution in my life has been nothing short of exceptional. She holds a very warm and loving space and gives you the tools to move forward in your healing with confidence. She is incredibly wise and supportive and goes above and beyond in her work. I have never experienced therapy of this quality before and feel incredibly grateful to have her in my life.’ (Jess)

‘I have had the privilege of working with Elaine individually, with my husband, and as a family and it has been life changing! Her wisdom, guidance and capacity to hold the space with her firm and kind approach has been extremely valuable in my life. My gratitude is eternal. Thank you for the extraordinary work you do.’ (Female, retired)

‘Elaine, I want to share a couple of my thoughts regarding the exquisite help that I have received from you. Having worked with you for the past couple of years, I can feel a change in myself that I never knew I could experience. Your compassion, warmth and exceptional wisdom have enlightened me on my journey to wellness. You are a shining example of how a therapist can gently steer one on a path of self-discovery, rewarding us with the understanding that follows. Thank you, Elaine, for you!!’ (Male, retired)

‘My interaction with Elaine has covered many diverse topics including behaviour prior to death of the elderly (as opposed to everything being dementia), past lives/reincarnation, mother daughter and spousal relationships, to name but a few. I find her to be a most attentive listener never judging or doubting my perception of my experiences but asking questions to enhance or encourage further reflection. Elaine suggests solutions that are attainable and practical and most of all aimed at resolution. She enhanced my knowledge and understanding of all the topics that I discussed with her. Elaine is a confidante graced with a wonderful sense of humour and to me she interprets things with a clarity and purpose. Her professionalism shines through every aspect of the interaction that I have had with her.’ (Marie-Anna, retired administrator of academic supper programmes, international students and public relations in an academic environment)