A sincere thank you for your willingness to commit your exceptional experience to writing, and to share this unique and significant experience with the Transformative End-of-Life Experiences Research Foundation (TELERF). Your experience is of great value and your input is much appreciated. Please take the time to read the information below before moving on to detailing your experience. Thank you.

In writing and sharing your experience, please be as detailed as possible in every way. Each piece of information has a significant impact when putting the overall picture together. Take the time to remember the events – how this experience began, where it happened, and what the circumstances were. When you are ready, write down all that you can remember about your experience. Please elaborate on how this experience felt for you at the time and, as importantly, has felt for you since. I would also ask that you share any long-lasting thoughts, emotions, sensations, knowledge or effects that you feel are linked to this experience.
It is important to stress here that your experience, and other experiences of this nature, are real and are validated by their profound nature and by the impact that they have on those who experience them. It is significant, however, that in certain situations these experiences can be proven to be accurate through information that has been gathered. For example, a woman who was experiencing a near-death experience overheard what her doctor was saying to her family. Both the doctor and her family were some distance away. This woman’s experience could be factually validated through what she heard. Should your own experience also have been validated by factual or verifiable information linked to the experience, in any shape or form, I urge you to elaborate on this.
If you would prefer to share your experience through answering a list of specific questions about your experience, rather than describing your experience through free-writing, please just email this request to me on the email address below.

Please re-live your experience and share it in detail with me via email, or request a list of specific questions about your experience on For details on anonymity, permissions and copyright issues please refer below.

If you would prefer that your shared experience remains Strictly Private and Confidential, that is between you and TELERF only, please make a note on your written experience, at the very beginning, that this information is to remain confidential. If you are comfortable with me publishing your experience in a book, on my blog, in a research paper or in my talks, anonymously, again please make this clear at the start of your written experience. Generally, with this permission, I will refer to your first name, location area and year of occurrence. You may, however, make specific requests in this regard. In submitting your experience it is important that you are aware that you will be providing me with a no fee, royalty free license to publish your experience, subject to the anonymity conditions you may impose, and for such information to be incorporated into my works, covered and protected by my copyright. If that which you share with me is protected by prior copyright please let me know whose copyright to acknowledge. The confidentiality of your communications will be strictly maintained according to your indicated preference.