Elaine is a clinical psychologist who has spent over thirty years working in stress and anxiety management, cognitive restructuring and emotional resilience, and specialises in supporting those nearing the end of their life, together with their loved ones. Elaine is also a researcher, and an expert in the field of exceptional human experiences, with over eighteen years of research behind her. Such experiences include, by way of example, end-of-life visions and communication, as well as near-death experiences. Elaine is both an author and speaker in her field of expertise.

The needs and emotions faced by someone who is nearing the end-of-life are unique and can be complex. Elaine supports the terminally ill, and those moving through the dying process, to leave this life with a sense of calm preparedness, completion, love, comfort and safety. Essentially Elaine assists those at the end of their life to leave this life more gently. Furthermore, Elaine incorporates her research insights into her unique and reassuring approach to easing end-of-life anxieties and in bringing comfort, resilience and meaning to the bereaved. “I felt reassured that my angst about dying was not justified. Elaine exudes non-judgemental compassion and understanding and this makes deep, meaningful, communication with her very easy.” (Dave E.) Facing one’s mortality is an integral part of being human, and this is seldom achieved without some level of anxiety and uncertainty. Doing so may occur as one ages. Even if physically fit and well, one may become increasingly preoccupied with thoughts surrounding the end-of-life as the years progress. One’s mortality also tends to come into focus if one has recently lost a loved one. In the midst of our loss and bereavement, we may find ourselves overwhelmed with questions as to our loved one’s continued well-being beyond this lifetime, or face uncertainties about the end of our own life. These thoughts, questions and concerns interfere with our enjoyment of life and the capacity to live life to the full. In her consulting work, Elaine devotes a large segment of her time to assisting those who are experiencing fears and anxieties relating to their own mortality. In so doing, these uncertainties and concerns are replaced with reassurance and self-reliance, and a renewed capacity to embrace life and living. Elaine is the founder of the Transformative End-of-Life Experiences Research Foundation (TELERF). The research conducted by this foundation focuses on transformative end-of-life visions and experiences, near-death and transient-death experiences™, shared-transition experiences™, apparent after-death communication and the insights these experiences offer. TELERF also explores the revelations of those who seemingly remember having lived before. In conjunction with the research Elaine undertakes, Elaine also offers validation and support to those who have, or who witness, transformative end-of-life experiences such as deathbed visions and conversations. Elaine also assists those who have had an exceptional human experience, such as a near-death experience, shared-transition experience or after-death communication to embrace, find meaning in and integrate their experience. Through her consulting work, research, presentations, workshops, and writings, Elaine strives to support those who are nearing the end of their life, assist loved ones and family members, offer help to the bereaved, reduce the fears associated with mortality, and engender an awareness of exceptional human experiences together with the profound insights, and meaningful information, that they provide.