The concept of living many lives is regarded as fact by roughly half of the world’s population. In the West, however, this concept is met with a great deal of scepticism. 

Over the past fifty years, apparent memories of past-lives have been increasingly evidenced and documented in the West. These memories may have surfaced either through spontaneous recall or through regression, and some of these memories have been factually verified. The spontaneous memories of very young children are of particular importance here, as these young ones have had little exposure to other sources of information that may account for their memories. Consider, by way of example, the spontaneous knowledge of, or fluency in, a foreign or ancient language.


Xenoglossy is the spontaneous ability to speak a foreign or ancient language fluently without any previous learning or knowledge of that language.



   There are known cases of very young children, raised in English-speaking families, spontaneously speaking a foreign language. Furthermore, there are a substantial number of reports of English-speaking adults shifting into a different language, dialect or accent whilst under hypnosis. Cases of this nature have been linked to a past-life.


Both in her presentations, as well as in her workshops, Elaine illustrates how it is becoming evident that a past-life has the capacity to influence one’s life behaviourally, emotionally, psychologically and physically. Acknowledging this potential influence may, at times, help one to understand one’s personal phobias, special interests, talents, or dreams. It may also explain an instant attraction or dislike for another person, for example, as well as feelings of déjà vu or a sense of having met someone before.

“I had never been able to wear a scarf, a tight necklace or anything constricting around my neck. During my therapeutic regression I saw my own death….I was tried for a crime I did not commit, but I was found guilty. I was hanged. I felt myself leaving my body and moving upwards, very rapidly. It was beautiful, there was such lightness.”

The influence of this past-life trauma, the memory of hanging, was such that this individual was unable to wear anything around her neck. This is now cleared.

Many who have experienced the release of past-life trauma, and the associated psychological and physiological difficulties, through therapeutic access to a past-life are convinced that they have lived, and died, before. They are absolutely certain of the impact that a past-life has had on the present; an impact from which they have been released.

“Elaine’s presentations have and will continue to find ready local and international audiences. Elaine presents the subject matter in a very easy and unique format – all thoroughly researched and documented. Elaine has a style which extends the “reach” and understanding of the subject matter to both fellow academics and “new seekers after truth”. This not easy, however this is exactly what Elaine has successfully done to date.” (Robert M)