Whether or not there is life after death is a question humankind has grappled with since the beginning of time. It embraces a search for many answers, not least of which is an understanding of what happens to us when we die. The enormity of this question is increasingly being addressed in many ways, including through the research conducted by Elaine’s foundation, TELERF.  One specific avenue of research in which TELERF is involved is that of exploring and documenting the apparent communications, signs and messages that are received by the living from those who are deceased.

The founder of Analytical Psychology, Carl Gustav Jung, suggested that deeply embedded in one’s psyche is an understanding that death is not the end of living. Both in Elaine’s presentations, as well as in her workshops, the wisdom of this understanding is explored, fully. So, too, is the profound understanding of those who receive messages and signs from deceased loved ones that these communications are real. In some instances, these messages not only hold reassurance and comfort for the recipient, but also carry specific and relevant instructions.

The message to Angela* from her deceased mother was that she should not be sad or grieve anymore, as she was well and happy. The message also asked Angela to go to where her late mother used to work. Angela was then to look in her mother’s desk drawer, in which she would find an envelope with money inside it. Angela was told that she should pay the debt owing as per the note and money inside this envelope. Angela went to her mother’s desk, found the envelope with the money and the note of debt enclosed, and did as she had been asked.

*Angela is a pseudonym to protect the identity of the family involved. This message came to Angela through a psychic medium.

 Messages from the deceased are known to be received in many ways including, by way of example, through a medium; on a telephone or answering machine; through a computer or mobile/cell phone; sensing the presence of a loved one via smell, sensation or a sign/s of relevance; and through vivid, powerful dreams. Elaine explores these, and other, avenues of communication in detail.

“I missed my Mother terribly, it was really hard. It was as if she knew that. She came to me in a dream, but it was so much more than a dream. She lay next to me in my bed and she held me. She looked so well. She was glowing. I could feel her, I could smell her, as I lay in her arms. She told me she was happy and that I should not be sad. I now know that my Mother is alive. I feel so comforted by her visit, so warm inside, and I know that this was way more than just a dream. I will never forget it.”

Those who receive messages from deceased loved ones are convinced of their reality. They speak of simply ‘knowing’ that their experience is real and that they are convinced that their deceased loved ones live on. In her presentations and workshops, Elaine emphasises that, without exception, these after-death communications bring comfort, reassurance and meaning to those who receive them.

“Rarely have I come across someone with the willingness to walk and explore where most fear to go. Elaine personifies that rare being who is on the forefront of dealing with that which we fear most… death and dying. It is a subject that most avoid. What I enjoyed about the workshop was her enlarged knowledge and experience. Would that her ground breaking work and fearless exploration of the subject of death and dying, and Life thereafter, benefit mankind and sooth the human heart.” (Marie C.)